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18L Lighting Installation: NATCA calls for stakeholders cooperation and understanding


The Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers Association, NATCA, has called for the understanding and cooperation of stakeholders as the runway 18L is to be closed for three months for the installation of airfield ground lighting.

President of NATCA, Mr. Yomi Agoro said, handling the volume of traffic into the airport with one runway would put a lot of stress on the controllers.

Agoro stated that, the body would get in touch with its Management and FAAN on the matter, adding that, the Controllers would always do their best in ensuring flight safety because it is part of their oversight function.

With the closure of the runway midnight today, Agoro said, this would be an additional stress for those who are working in Lagos as taxing aircraft and maneuvering them from 18R to GAT, MM2 and others would be tedious for the Controllers.

“Taxing to all those various apron is not going to be an easy task and you know that the centre taxiway is where you have to juggle the aircraft including the new terminal apron, so we are the ones at the verge of the heat”

He however seek the cooperation and understanding of Nigerian pilots to also understand their situation, promising that, they would try as much as possible to ensure that traffic flow is managed appropriately. 

“Once that runway is closed, everybody will be entitled to run on the 18R. Most of the control would be done at the tower and the ground movement especially for those who would be working mostly in the morning,  it will be a little bit cumbersome and it is going to generate a little bit of delay that is why am appealing to pilots to try as much as possible to be patient with our people and cooperate with controllers because it is going to be for while”.

He added, “We have told some of our members to braze up and see that safety is ensured and things work in an ordering manner. We only need to encourage our people to see how we can manage the situation pending the time the maintenance work is concluded”.

The NATCA President stated that, once the existing taxiways are okay and with pilot understanding and cooperation, there would be easy manureving of traffic within the existing movement area and there would be no problem.

“But the only thing is that for you to try and maneuver one other within the existing taxiway is going to be a little bit like an additional stress especially taxing within the central taxiway from local to international, those coming from international on the 18R back to the local terminal”.

He implored FAAN management to ensure that they keep to the stipulated time and ensure all the jobs are done within the time frame so that there would be no extension or delay.

Agoro again reiterated the call for more air traffic controllers to be employed as the current numbers are grossly inadequate to manage the existing airports and the ones being built.

“Air traffic controllers are not people you run to the market and get. Already, we have been shouting that there is a serious manpower shortage, the Ministry and agency are doing their best to recruit more hands and it is not simply because of the closure of the runway. Everyday new airports are coming up and government have also come up with a policy that all the state owned airports the airspace should be given to NAMA to manage so definitely we need more hands”.


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